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Building product from scratch

SoftBucket can become a long-term reliable partner, offering full‑cycle headache-free software services. We can become your complete solutions provider: from an initial concept to UI/UX design, development, pre-release testing, and post-release support.

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    Our Software Development Process

    In our Software Development process, we follow few key big steps

    our three step process

    Product Prototyping

    Prototyping your future product allows you to reveal assumptions and biases you have towards your ideas, uncover insights about your users that can be used to improve the overall design before investing time and money into development.

    our three step process

    Minimum Viable Product

    A minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a new product that allows you to validate your idea by observing the customers' actual behavior with a product and disc over whether they will purchase it.

    our three step process

    Product Scaling

    We are driven by excellence, so we make consequent product improvements to expand your business. A series of small but significant test iterations that respond to the market’s requirements can help your product scale.

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